Kayak Fishing With the BarHopp'R

Kayak fishing and sight-seeing trips with the BarHopp'R are not only back on the menu, they ARE the menu. The only power boat trips I now offer are in customers' boats. I am a full time, dedicated kayak fishing guide. Kayak fishing is the perfect way to get up close and personal to redfish and snook tailing in mere inches of water, or to fish the potholes in the extreme shallows of the winter low tides. Kayak fishing is just a blast when you're kayak fishing from properly rigged kayaks. And, I can deliver guided kayak fishing trips at less than half the cost of a guided flats boat trip.

Southwest Florida kayak fishing on the waters of Pine Island Sound, Estero Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Sarasota Bay, and Tampa Bay is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. In years gone by, however, paddlers were usually kayak fishing in waters close to the marina where their kayaks were rented or launched. This was understandable since rowing to the seclusion of the backcountry could mean rowing for several miles, then back again.

As with most things, kayak technology has improved drastically over the years. Back in the 90's when I had my first kayak fleet, the idea of fishing from a kayak was brand new. The list of accessories to make a kayak fishable were pretty limited to foot controlled rudders, rod holders, inadequate anchors, and bare-bones seats. Hulls were not nearly as stable, and were wet. I was ahead of the curve, and it really never caught on like I thought it would back then. It surely has now, though.

Today's hulls are very sophisticated, with some like my Ultimates offering a tunnel design that essentially makes the each side of the hull a sponson. The result is that they track well even without a rudder, and are stable enough for most folks to stand up and cast. And, last. Today's kayaks can easily be fitted with trolling motors which allows the kayak angler to cover much greater distances in much less time, and spend more time fishing. My growing fleet currently consists of three Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5' Angler Solo kayaks, a 12.2' Ultimate Angler solo. All are fitted with Minn Kota trolling motors.

Come and enjoy kayak fishing, and eco-tour, or sightseeing in the true backcountry that you wouldn't see even from a typical flats boat. The solution is using the latest kayak hulls in the 12 to 15 ft. range that offer a great marriage of speed and stability, and using trolling motors to cover longer distances and deliver you to your destination quickly, easily, and tirelessly. You'll still have energy for fishing the rest of the day!

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Look no further. You'll find it all at the BarHopp'R!

The BarHopp'R fishing fleet are the all new Native Watercraft fishing kayaks. Each kayak is especially rigged for fishing with, fore and aft rod holders, cup holders, anchors and/or 6 or 8 ft. stake-out poles, measuring rule on the paddles, VHF radios, whistles, fish stringers, plenty of dry storage fore and aft, and the trolling motor and mount. I equip my kayak charters with the same high quality Shimano tackle you were accustomed to using on the BarHopp'R flats boat, as well as with terminal tackle such as lures, flies, hooks, etc. All safety equipment is also provided.

If you love to kayak fish or wade fish, or have wondered what it would be like to fish from a kayak, you owe it to yourself to try fishing our waters from the kayak of your choice from the BarHopp'R kayak fleet. If you've not been kayaking before, don't worry, these kayaks are stable and easy to handle and perfect for beginners as well as experienced kayakers. They will get you into the backcountry of Pine Island Sound, Estero Bay, Charlotte Harbor, Sarasota Bay, and Tampa Bay in safety and comfort. Children under 16 years of age not allowed to participate. This is not a sport for younger kids.

So, check out the rates and then book your kayak trip on the BarHopp'R kayaks today. The yaks are back, and it will be a great new adventure.

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kayak fishng
Pictures from the 90's!

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