An E-mail from John Sitzenstatter

A true fishing testimonial from a HAPPY BarHopp'R client. Read about John Sitzenstatter's experience with Capt. Butch Rickey, one of the top native Florida fishing guides, backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Pine Island, and occassionally, Sarasota Bay.
florida fishing testimonials

Hi Butch,

Just dropping a line to say thanks for the great trip we had on 4/22. I know the bite wasn't on but the fish we caught were great. I have been fishing 40 years, since I was 8, I'm not that old, and that redfish I caught was truly one of my fishing highlights. I will remember that experience for a long time.

I had to laugh at Chuck my fishing bud. He said the fishing trip was the most fun he had on vacation, and the most fun he ever had fishing. He was smiling the entire time on the boat like he just had the best ---- never mind. I also think we both enjoyed your guide in training's fishing partner when they stopped by to visit. Not bad for a former western NY girl. All the good ones seem to leave here, except of course for our wives. I will get Chuck's e address so you can put him on your mailing list.

Speaking of mailing list, I haven't got a report since we came home a few weeks ago. Did you lose me?

I may try to talk Chuck into going down this summer, time and money permitting. Is all the fresh water they are releasing from Okeechobee going to mess up the fishing? If we don't come back this summer we will definitely book a trip for spring.

I hope all is going well for you and your wife. Take care.


florida fishing testimonials

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florida fishing testimonials
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