A Tale of Monster Trout in Texas


George Speicher

Hey Capt. Butch

I hope you got some needed relaxation on your short time away from the grind. It was also nice to see the reply from your client regarding the coaching lesson-he'll be back-I just hope he gets his health going his way.

Just got in from a fishing trip to Galveston, TX. Left this morning at 4AM from Houston, and wade fished the surf and one of the passes. I hooked the biggest speckled trout I have ever seen, and I mean in magazines, old wall mounts, and dead ones after a freeze-absolutely the BIGGEST. I would say exponentially bigger, but that would be a fish story. However, it was huge! Enough with that! How big was IT? I did get to see the whole fish as it came to the surface in a faux tarpon dance to throw the hook, which it didn't as it had swallowed my strawberry/white tail Sassy Shad, and until I saw the yellow of its mouth, I was still in denial, as I though it might have been a small shark.

I know you will find this hard to believe, but three of us saw it and guessed it to be in the 35-40 inch range-a certifiable submarine as we call them in Texas. Anyhow, I hooked it on a fast moving outgoing tide at Rollover Pass, after throwing into the fast moving water and slowly retrieiving it into a tide break where the big specs wait for the bait fish while conserving energy. I though I had a fish-I knew I'd had a hit, so I kept reeling until the slack was taken out of the line, at which time I realized that a fish was still on. At that point the fish runs straight at me in mid belly-deep water, and then does a turbo turn around me (remember at this time I still didn't know what was on the other end of the line), and heads straight toward the Gulf of Mexico with afterburners on. This was fine. I was still in control of the situation short term until it does a 180 and heads back into the pass.

At this point and several other turns before due to his speedy manuvers, the line and the fish never seem to be in the same area (remind you of Tarpon doesn't it?). I mean I've got the drag squealing--rod at the max for those little sticks we use down here, and finally he shoots to the surface and right before that speckled trout mouth shake ensued, we got the full meaning of world class trout at that moment.

This was the last we saw of our Texas monster as he had swallowed the shad into his gullet with nothing but line hanging out his gargantuan head and he simply cut/broke the line in his first massive shake. A great tale!

They are out there and I can assure you, not easy to catch, let alone string one. I have heard all the woulda, coulda, shoulda, Monday morning quaterbacking from my fishing partner. I think a good dose of 20 lb leader onto my 12 lb. line might have been the one thing that could have given this story a happy ending. I have to admit that I was damned happy to hook that caliber of fish, but I'll always have the question, what if I had done this, etc., etc.

Anyhow, Butch, I though you might like to hear a story as you are always on the other end. Hope you enjoy it. Also, if in your archives, if you have a copy of last week's and it wouldn't be too much trouble for you, please resend that to me, as I screwed up the download, and lost it, and I don't like to miss any of the stories of your continuing saga.


If you have any questions or comments, would like to book a trip, or would like to submit a story, please email me at capt@barhoppr.com.

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