A Tale of Pompano and Trout Fishing In Pine Island Sound


Kevin Shimp

Hey Butch:

After our last trip together I took some time to do a little boating with out much fishing instead of chasing fish with no tide. However, as your report indicates, this last week was a whole new story.

Saturday I fished with Joneen, Bryan and his new girlfriend he met in school. She is from Virginia and has never fished in Lee County. I decided on some Pompano fishing near the light house. I had visited the tackle shop for some jigs and after about 40 seconds of drifting the girls were in fish. Bryan and I both have never caught pompano and were now looking at a score of guys zero, girls two. The day went on with much of the same as the girls continued to show us that they knew what they were doing and we were the beginers. We finished with a variety of species that included about 8 pompano, the largetest of which Bryan caught, and after I volunteered to do hook removal, I promptly and accidentally dropped overboard.

Sunday, I fished with just Joneen and had a blast. As I approached the third span of the causeway, I noticed the same captain with the small Mako flats boat and a crew of three on board (the one with the left side of the channel fetish) throwing a big net. He got no bait and after watching three throws I was nervous about bait being there. Well, much to his disappointment, I adapted for the tide (in front of the bridge not under in) and threw a dry net for one huge stike of perfect bait. Off to play with the pompano first.

The fish were there and so were the boats! Between my boat and a friend's we caught around 15 pompano in an hour. The were in 15-18 ft of water inside the point (by the pier) in the tide line. Andy (my friend) had caught several the day before as well and had also caught a 19" gag on his pompono jig. I did all my drifting with a shinner near the bottom and kept getting back a half shiner. I had one big strike, but with the rod in the holder, it was missed.

Later in the day Joneen and I anchored near where we fished near Clam Key in a stiff breeze. After much chumming the trout started to go. Big trout were exploding the water all around. We caught many, Jo with jigs, me with live bait. The largest caught took a big shiner and went 21". As a side note, I caught one 10" trout on a five inch shiner.

There you have it, the report from a weekend boater. Hope all is well.

Tight Lines


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