A Tale of Unbelievable Striper Fishing at Lake Powell, Utah


Mike Schwartz

Capt. Butch,

I'm glad to hear Jean is progressing well, a little peach fuzz is a good sign. On a lighter note, and trivial in the whole scheme of things, I thought I would write you about an awesome fishing trip I just made.

I heard that the striped bass were feeding in schools on the surface out at Lake Powell. Well that's all it took for me to move. I asked everyone I knew if they wanted to join me but nobody could this time. So I went alone. Yep, loaded up a little food, a lot of water, and my camping and fishing gear and took off. I left on Thursday after work and pulled the boat out there. Not too bad of a drive at 7 hours and 15 mins. from my house to the ramp.

Set up camp and started looking for stripers on Friday morning. After a discouraging morning I was questioning my decision to go, I had no fish to the boat. I went back to camp and made some lunch and heard that distincive poping sound of a striper feeding on top. I ran down to the boat, grabbed a rod and cast to the swirl, insta-hookup on a 3 pound striper. I landed it and cast back to the same spot and hooked his twin. Things were a little better. That evening I went to another few spots and only hooked and landed one fish. I was really wondering now. Where the hell were the fish?

I decided I would try one more spot and it turned out to be the money spot. Large schools of stripers were busting shad on the surface. There was one other boat in the area and we had a blast. A school would come up and we would either cast or run over to them and then cast and hook one up every time. The problem was that by the time you landed and released the fish, the school would disappear for a few minutes and then resurface elsewhere. That evening I caught fish after fish and from 7:30 to 9:00 caught about twenty fish. A great night, and the other boat told me that the fish had been boiling since 3:00 pm although not at all in the morning.

The next day at 3:00p I was back by the bridge, and I was the only boat around. I had rigged four rods with topwater plugs, 8 pound test and 30 pound leader, sound familiar? Well the first school came up and I boated one. The next time they came up they stayed up a little longer and I started working. I cast one plug, hooked a fish and put it in the rod holder, cast a second and did the same, cast the third and put the hooked up rod between my legs, cast the fourth, hooked up and landed the fish, then landed rod three, rod two got off, and landed rod one. A Qaudruple with one angler....you can only imagine how stoked I was! The rest of the afternoon was really fast as well with numerous doubles and triples. About 7:30 it all seemed to shut down. By 8:00 I decided to call it a day and headed back to camp, it had been great.

But then, about halfway back, I saw a school come up. The water was flat calm with no wind and a setting sun. I eased into range with the trolling motor and began to fish. For the next 45 minutes that school not only stayed up, but moved at the same speed and in the same direction and was not at all boat shy. I put the trolling motor on 3 and fished. Every third or fourth cast produced a hookup, it was wild. At about 9:15 it all ended.

I went back to camp and poured a drink. Nobody to talk about it with, nobody else to revel in it with, just the stars and myself. But that was ok. The next morning I broke camp and headed home. Monday morning was business as usual, can't wait to get back though.

Tight lines,


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