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florida fishing reports

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Capt. Butch Rickey

florida fishing reports
florida fishing reports

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florida fishing reports

florida fishing reports

I have officially closed down for the summer, until September 1st. I received an email from Ken Courtney, of West Palm Beach, on June 20th, requesting a kayak redfishing trip in a couple of weeks, and had to tell Ken that I would be out of town. He said he's wing it, and I asked him to let me know how he did. Ken was nice enough to do just that. His report follows.

florida fishing report

Hey Captain Butch,

Just got back from trip. Lot of kayaking around Buck Key. No redfish. Caught a small snook & trout in the bay. Caught this snook & another in the surf across street from Tween Waters Inn. Lost another about this size. Pretty much stuck to waters around the resort. Biggest snook for me so it pretty much made my trip.

Take care.

Ken Courtney

florida fishing reports
Ken proudly shows off his best snook, all 3 feet of her!

florida fishing report

Hey Butch,

Yes I had a great time. The 1st day was pretty much a bust in that it was rainy & windy. I mostly fished around the mangroves but did fish the flats on the north side of the island with soft plastics & zara spook. Fished high & low tides, but the high tides were in the morning which is when I fished the most. Really hot in the afternoon. I had some old Gulp shrimps sitting in garage forever & tried those on popper corks. I did paddle around the whole island stake poling & used most every lure I had as I went without a bite. Really didn't see any surface activity. Caught a small snook around the docks of the homes on the east side of the island. The last day my shoulder started bothering me from the paddling so I headed for the beach across from the Tween Waters. Caught the snook & smaller one on Yo-Zuri Redhead Crystal lure. Had another nice one but spit the hook while jumping. Sorry to say had more activity in the surf than all week in the Yak. No didn't measure or weigh but close to 3'. My tackle is light & fish was tired so just quick picture & back in water. Very smart fish in that it seemed he was hugging the bottom trying to break the leader. Never did jump. The 20lb florocarbon leader was totally frayed & I easily snapped it when changing it.

florida fishing reports
Here's Ken with a kayak caught snook taken in Roosevelt Cut!

Sure feel free to use picture & this account if you like. Will definitely hook up with you this fall.



florida fishing report

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florida fishing reports
florida fishing reports

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florida fishing reports