Guides Fishing Florida Redfish: the Bronze Torpedos of the Flats

fishing florida redfish


Kayak fishing redfish, or red drum, IS my favorite passtime! Bar none! A redfish on light tackle in foot-deep water is an experience you'll not soon forget. The redfish is southwest Florida's bonefish. She's a beautiful specimen, usually bronze across the back with a least one black spot at the base of her tail, and a blue border around the tail. The tail is big and powerful, the shoulders are very broad, and the redfish is one of the most determined fighters in the water. She just doesn't know when to quit. I call them the pitbulls of the flats!

Kayak fishing redfish in the shallows, they will boil and explode the water, and make long runs. In deep water, they'll go straight down and dare you to pull them up. In shallow, grassy flats, it's hard to beat a gold spoon. Reds seem to love them. In deeper water, or on sandy bottom, other artificials and live baits can be used, but reds are most fun to catch in the backcountry skinny water where spoons, flies, or Texas rigged shrimp are the ticket. There's nothing more exciting than spotting a red tailing in just inches of water, presenting your bait to it with a well placed cast, and watching it take. It combines the excitement of hunting and fishing into one great experience, and they're great on the table, too.

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But, chasing after tailing reds is highly specialized, and can best be done from a kayak, or on foot. Most of the time we are after them on the flats artificials, or cutbaits such as steaked ladyfish, cut pinfish, or steaked balihoo we've caught earlier. It is much easier to catch big numbers of reds with these methods, fishing in 1.5 to 3 ft. of water.

Presently, the daily bag limit it one fish per person per day. There is no longer a closed season. The size limit is a slot between 18 and 27 inches. If you've never done this type of angling, I highly recommend it. If your skills with casting tackle are limited, this is the perfect way to learn them. Let a redfish take you for a kayak ride!

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fishing florida redfish

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