Capt. Butch Rickey's Redfish Broil

This recipe will yield some of the most moist and delicious broiled redfish you ever put into your mouth. Here are the steps to get there.

1) Prepare your pan with aluminum foil as you normally would, and lay out the fillets.
2) Cut a lime in halves and squeeze the juice over the fillets (you may substitute any other citrus)
3) Spread crushed garlic or garlic power over the fillets (to taste)
4) Pepper the fillets heavily with Watkins pepper or other good brand
5) Sprinkle Adobo seasoning to taste. This is wonderful stuff, and is the same seasoning used in Filipino adobo dishes.
6) If you like spicy dishes you can now ad some Cajun seasoning or other red pepper spices. Again, experiment to taste.
7) Finally, sprinkle some basil over the fillets.
8) Turn the fillets over and repeat steps 1 through 7. You should finish with the open ribcage up.
9) IMPORTANT! Now, fold the last 4 to 6 inches of the narrow (tail) end of the fillet back under itself very carefully. Notice that the fillet is now approximately the same thickness end to end. This keeps the smaller, thinner tail section from overcooking.
10) Put the fillets in the oven. Leave door open and watch. When it appear that the seasonings are bonding to the fillets, place some pads of butter on the fillets. I usually use four or five per fillet.
11) After butter melts, baste the fillets a couple of times a few minutes apart.
12) IMPORTANT! After the second basting, about 20 minutes should have passed. Now, turn the oven from broil to bake, and turn the temperature from broil to 400. Bake for about 10 minutes, then check with a fork in the thickest part of the fillet. If the meat flakes at all, remove from oven! Do not over cook. This final baking process will preserve the natural juices that broiling tends to dry out.

Now, if this isn't some of the best fish you ever put into your mouth my name isn't Capt. Butch Rickey! Don't be afraid to experiment with the spices and seasonings. I usually use the runoff from the broiling pan to pour over grits. How sweet it is!

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