Presenting Power Pole and other shallow water anchor owners, THE Universal Marine Remote Control for sale, manufactured right in Cape Coral, Florida. And, you save 40% off the competitions' prices every day!! The Universal Marine Remote is designed as a remote control for hydraulic shallow water anchoring systems, but is capable of controlling virtually any 12V device on your boat. It is compatible with ALL models of shallow water anchors manufactured after 2007, including the Sportsman Model! The Universal Marine Remote is an inexpensive and reliable alternative to the remotes that come as standard equipment, or as optional equipment from original equipment manufacturers. You no longer have to spend a small fortune for get the wireless control you want for your boat.

Today, we shallow water anglers have many excellent tools in our fishing arsenals. There is a shallow water skiff available for virtually every shallow water application one could want. There's no question that the two most popular options on today's flats and bay boats are shallow water anchoring systems and hydraulic jack plates. What would we do without them? These tools of the trade have become so popular and essential to shallow water anglers that they now come standard from many boat manufacturers.

Yes! If you want to anchor in the shallows without spooking the fish, a hydraulic shallow water anchor or equivalent is an essential tool. It's also essential for positionsing your skiff so that accurate casts can be made to the areas that are holding fish. The anchor can be deployed from the dash console switch, or it can be done wirelessly from anywhere on your boat. If you use a bow-mount trolling motor, or if you spned a lot of time on the poling platform, it is much more practical, and much quicker and quieter to use a wireless remote to deploy the anchor!

Product Details

The Universal Wireless Remote consists of an ABS plastic enclosure which houses the electronics. The housing measures approximately 4 ½” x 3 ¼”. Each unit includes a hand-held transmitter the size of your typical automobile key fob remote. All wiring is marine grade tinned copper wire with terminal fittings enclosed in adhesive shrink wrap. The ABS plastic enclosure has an inside lip to prevent moisture penetration and has a secure moisture-proof strain relief device for the hook-up wiring. In addition, the ABS enclosure has two mounting tabs for simplified installation. The electronic circuit boards are of the highest quality and durability, and can withstand the harsh salt water environment. Each unit is bench tested and then field tested for quality control and operational integrity.

All components carry a one year warranty. The manufacturer will repair or replace any defective part during the warranty period.

Let's Look at the Unit!


power pole remote control


shallow water anchor remote control


Q. Can the Universal Marine Remote control any device on my boat?
A. The Universal Marine Remote can control almost any 12v device that is controlled by your dashboard switches.

Q. Is the Universal Marine Remote compatible with different models of hydraulic shallow water anchors?
A. Yes. You must specify what model shallow water anchor you own and we will provide you with the appropriate remote.

Q. Some of the newer versions of shallow water anchors require the purchase of a remote control kit that includes additional components required for remote control compatibility. Do you require any additional purchases to make your remote ready to use?
A. No. Our remote actually will work right out of the box for your equipment. The Universal Marine Remote actually “Switches the Switch” that operates your equipment. It is in effect another switch that operates wirelessly, and it is not involved with any internal aspects of the equipment that it controls.

Q .What types of equipment will the Universal Marine Remote control?
A. You can control Hydraulic Shallow Water Anchors - Hydraulic Jack Plates , Baitwell Pumps, Aerator Pumps, Bilge Pumps, Lights, Special Effects.

Q. Can one remote operate more than one Switch?
A. Yes. Our basic model will operate two switch positions. The upgraded model will operate 4 switch positions. To explain further, if your switch merely turns a piece of equipment on or off: (pumps and lights would be an example of this) Our basic model would operate two pieces of equipment. The upgraded version would operate four pieces of equipment.

However, when you are operating hydraulic equipment it takes two switch positions for each piece of equipment (one switch to make the hydraulics go up and one switch to make the hydraulics go down). In this instance, the basic Universal Marine Remote will operate one piece of hydraulic equipment, and the Upgraded Universal Marine Remote will operate two pieces of hydraulic equipment. Also the Upgraded Universal Marine Remote can operate one piece of hydraulic equipment and two on-off pieces of equipment. The whole concept of the Universal Marine Remote is to give you flexibility, so that you decide what equipment you want to operate wirelessly.

Q. What is the warranty with the Universal Marine Remote?
A. Manufacturer offers a one year warranty on all parts and labor.

power pole anchor remote control


XL 2000
Dual Channel
One Transmitter
XL 2000 w/extra Transmitter
Dual Channel
Two Transmitters
XL 4000
Four Channel
One Transmitter
XL 4000 w/extra Transmitter
Four Channel
Two Transmitters
Free Replacement Transmitters
for 2 years!
Limit 3
Free w S & H
Extra Transmitter
All Units

If you'd like to own a Universal Marine Remote, drop me an email (preferred), or call me at 1-239-628-3522 in Ft. Myers. These fabulous remotes are always in stock, and comes with FREE Replacement Transmitter for TWO Years if you purchase at least one extra trasmitter when you purchase your Universal Marine Remote. This is not a fancy storefront, but payment can be made using PayPal to capt@barhoppr.com. Checks and money orders welcome. For local folks we can deliver to your door.

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