An E-mail from Pat and Denise Carroll

A true fishing testimonial from a HAPPY BarHopp'R client. Read about Pat and Denise Carroll's experience with Capt. Butch Rickey, one of the top native Florida fishing guides, backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Pine Island, and occassionally, Sarasota Bay.
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I just wanted you to know that Denise and I had a great time with you! We're anxious to get back down there -- in warmer weather -- and get some of your Reds and Snook!

We enjoyed your good humor, your patient instruction and your incredible zeal to put fish in the well for us! Denise (and I) are particularly grateful to you for allowing us to spend a few minutes shelling on Cayo Costa. Believe it or not, Denise says that was the highlight of her day! And she too thinks you are wonderful guy.

I read this evening's report and it looks like the fishing is slowly improving. Your candor in your reports is always appreciated. I'm sure that there are other guys who tend to "gild the lily" in their reports. You always give the straight story!

We will continue to read your reports every week and we look forward to seeing you again soon. As soon as we have some idea when we will next visit, I'll contact you so we can pick a day when the tides will be best!

Pat AND Denise

PS: Do you know if your pal ever rents out his Villa Adele privately -- without going through the rental agency?

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