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Dear Capt. Rickey,

I am writing you this letter to clarify some misunderstanding and statements. The first clarification deals with the statement made at the dock at the conclusion of our fishing trip. I did not say, "I thought your coaching of the boys was a little to rough". My statement was, "my youngest son took the coaching a little rough". The statement was directed toward my son, not you. I must apologize for any misunderstanding.

Secondly, as you notice, there was something wrong....Your observations were correct. I was sick the entire night, prior to our fishing trip and I should have canceled. But, I had planned and dreamed of this fishing trip for five months, and come Hell or High Water, I was going to fish. About two hours into the trip I started to pay, dearly. At the end of the day I was uncertain of future events. I didn't know, at the time, whether I could get my insulin/sugar levels regulated by Tuesday. This was my reason for paying you. I held out as long as I could, but Monday evening I was still in bed trying to recover. Late in the afternoon, I knew my fishing dreams wasn't coming true this summer. Much to my regret, I told my wife to call and cancel.

A Guide of your caliber is hard to find. You use the best in everything, from the bait to the boat. I want to thank you personally for a Great fishing trip, although I did not get to fish as much as I wanted to. Maybe, I can get this insulin/Sugar regulated by next summer and return. We didn't walk away empty handed. I learned more about ultra-light fishing in three hours than I would have learned in a lifetime. Thanks for being patient with us while we were trying to learn. After all, Josh and I did put 14 fish into the boat in three hours, most I may add, were exceptional fish. I am anxiously waiting for the pictures of our fishing adventure. After all, I did catch the big one of the day. I think I will rub it in for a while........

I am regretfully sorry for any and all misunderstandings.

Thanks again,

Terry F. Gump

Terry Gump Testimonial
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