A Blast From the Past From Capt. Fred Kremer

A true fishing testimonial from a HAPPY BarHopp'R client. Read about Fred's experience with Capt. Butch Rickey, nearly ten years ago. It's great to hear from an old friend about a trip so long ago.
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Excerpts from some recent emails from Capt. Fred Kremer.

  Still read your fishing reports every week. My son still talks about our fishing trip with you and all the snook we caught in the surf off Sanibel. The pic you took of us is still in our livingroom. It was the best fishing trip we've ever had. Stay well.

Captain Butch: Here's the pic you took of Christopher and me when we went out fishing with you all those many years ago. Both of us have the pic in our living rooms to remind us of how much fun we had.


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Yes, that picture was a loooong time ago, but is still fresh in my memory. You had us count the snook we caught, and after 2 hours we were at 56! And, we missed as many as we caught. That was some day. I remember you said if we were tired of catching snook on the beach, we could go into the Sound for some reds. Chris was on the front of the boat with you, and I wanted him to have some red action, so I stayed on the stern but threw out a bait towards an oyster bar. Well, I kept catching snook on every cast, and Christopher got a bit miffed that I was still catching snook. He'll never forgive me for that, believe me. He keeps reminding me!

  Fred Kremer

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