An E-mail from Doug Brown

A true fishing testimonial from a HAPPY BarHopp'R client. Read about Doug Brown's experience with Capt. Butch Rickey, one of the top native Florida fishing guides, backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Pine Island.

Dear Butch,

Just a quick note to thank you for our day on 12/28. I, my son, and my father-in-law all enjoyed ourselves and learned a lot. I wanted to thank you especially for two specific things.

First; you did a great job with my son, Andy. Your coaching helped him and you were able to give the kind of guidance that 10 year-olds are not willing to take from their own fathers.

Second; you were very generous with information that will allow us to fish successfully from our own boat. My experience with other guides has been that they are very wary about sharing information and some are downright hostile.

Again, thanks for a fun day. -Doug Brown

PS. I did a lot of thinking about our trip, and the NEXT one as I spent three hours shoveling 2 feet of snow this morning. Cheers.

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