An E-mail from Bob King

A true fishing testimonial from a HAPPY BarHopp'R client. Read about Bob King's experience (he has a great sense of humor!) with Capt. Butch Rickey, one of the top native Florida fishing guides, backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, Pine Island, and occassionally, Sarasota Bay.
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Hello Butch,

Just wanted to thank you for a great charter, and the realization that someone could be more bitchy than my wife. You not only showed us a great day of fishing, but also probably saved my marriage. If things get slow in the charter business, you should get a 1-800 number and advertise as a bitch thearapist. I can hear the commercial now, “Do you miss you're drill instructor? Are you pineing for the incessant bitching of your exwife? Just call 1-800-I'll-Bitch. I can fringin make you cry.”

The one criticism I have is that you didn't seem to understand that I was supposed to catch the biggest fish. One more smirk from Paul and I'm going to kill the crippled up old bastard.

Thanks again, and have a prosperous season,

Bob King

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