An E-mail from David Bernot

A true fishing testimonial from HAPPY BarHopp'R clients. Read about their experience with Capt. Butch Rickey, one of the top native Florida fishing guides, backcountry fishing and flats fishing in the waters of Pine Island Sound around Sanibel Island, Captiva Island, and Pine Island. In his weekly Florida fishing reports he tells all about snook fishing, redfish fishing, tarpon fishing, and trout fishing. The fishing testimonials are FREE! The guided fishing trip is a bargain!

Union, New Jersey

I hope you found - or remembered to look for - your camera. I placed it on top of your van's driver side front tire, away from the sunlight and hopefully out of spectator view. If I had remembered paper and a pen, I would have left a reminder on the van's windshield.

It was great fishing with you, and receiving tips and suggestions during the heat of the battle (with the snook, that is)! I enjoyed your coaching style. Curt and I had a great time and our wives are tired of hearing about it.

I looked up your web site today and was quite impressed. It's going to take a lot of my time to read all the info you have readily available. I showed everybody at work the weekly report that included Curt and me. No one wants to believe it unless I show them pictures. So, when you get the time in your busy schedule, please forward a copy of the photos on the first roll of film you have. The second role, of course, is in the camera.

Butch, it was a beautifyul day, both weather and fish cooperating. I look forward to several trips yet to come fishing with you (and my son)!

David Bernot

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